Therapy Using the Web? Yes!

Teletherapy, “the opportunity to transform therapy using the power of an interactive, content rich and motivating web environment that people use everyday” is a growing option for families and therapists.

 Effective, convenient, and accessible, teletherapy is recognized by professional organizations including the American Speech and Hearing Association and the American Occupational Therapy Association.  In fact, this delivery mode has grown to such an extent that the American Telepractice Association has been established!

Teletherapy goes beyond traditional phone consults, offering a secure web setting for audiovisual, audio or visual communication for treatment, consultation, monitoring, and even evaluation!  Maureen Harper, one of the Pediatric Therapeutics Speech Pathologists and an established telepractitioner, led an informative and inspiring telepractice discussion on March 25, attended by OTs and SLPs.

Snow days?  Hopefully we’ve seen the last of them.  Vacations or extended time away?  Those days are coming!  ‘Wish your therapist could really see what’s going on and work with you at your house?  Yes.   Teletherapy…it’s here, and has the potential to help us help you and your child.

Join us as we actively explore teletherapy opportunities.  Ask your therapist about it.

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