Pediatric Therapeutics is the therapy studio of occupational therapist Sheila Allen and speech pathologist Anne Toolajian. As the nexus for their clinical practices, it’s home to intimate and effective intervention for children and their families that’s fun-filled, evidence based and sensible.

A Message of Solidarity

As caring individuals, professionals and human beings, we support those who feel their voices have not been heard. We proudly join and applaud those who stand united with the intention of making the world a better place. We are feeling the power of caring people united for the all important cause of equality. We will do our part to ensure everyone receives the basic human rights and privileges our country has to offer.

Communication is the path to making a better world, a world of open expression and focussed listening, where awareness and learning are ongoing and accountability becomes common practice, so all may live safely with dignity and respect. We understand that change, and the hope, ideas and action that accompany it, begins with each of us, ourselves included.

We stand committed, both personally and professionally, in denouncing systemic racism. With love in our hearts and a yearning for peace, there is no place in our hearts, homes and workspace for racism and hatred.

Sheila Allen and Anne Toolajian

"Anne and Sheila saw something in my son and believed in him in ways that nobody else ever had, and through tireless efforts, began to bring language out of him."

Julie G. October 30, 2015