STAND: The Haiti Project

STAND: The Haiti Project
Support STAND’s work in Haiti and Miriam Cohen’s service


Miriam Cohen, a Physical Therapist here at Pediatric Therapeutics, is headed to Haiti January 22-31 with STAND: The Haiti Project. STAND (Sustainable Therapy And New Development) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to provide continual, orthopedic care to Haitian communities most in need.  Miriam will be a member of a volunteer team consisting of physical therapists, orthotists, prosthetists, general medical staff, and students.


Looking forward to her week in Haiti, Miriam has learned that the population in the northwest region is completely underserved and has very limited (if any) access to healthcare. She is anticipating days of hard work and eye-opening experiences and has been assured that she and her fellow team members will be astonished at how much their hands-on treatment, information, and training will be of help to Haitians in need of care.


The population where Miriam will be working (the northwest region of Haiti) is completely underserved and has very limited (if any) access to healthcare. Supplies are extremely lacking. On behalf of STAND, Miriam is collecting needed items prior to her departure. If you could part with any of the below items below, please bring them to the Pediatric Therapeutics front office until Jan 19.

SHOES!!!! Good sneakers are used for prosthetics and orthotics for children and adults. New or lightly used please
Orthotics that your child may have outgrown can be modified and re-used
Wound care supplies (scalpel, sharps, gauze, medicated packing material, etc.)
Tums and other antacids, digestive aids in large tubs
Medical creams: antifungal, cortisone, antibacterial, etc.
Vitamins (prenatal, kids, multi) in large tubs
Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin in large tubs
Assistive devices (canes, walkers, crutches etc) for children or adults
Braces (any kind, lumbar braces, knee, ankle, wrist, etc.)
ACE wraps of all sizes
Theraband or tubing
Bolsters for pediatrics
TOWELS and twin sized sheets for in clinic use; they can be rolled up and used as a pillow on treatment tables
Scrubs – if anyone happens to have access to scrubs that they could donate, those are in great need as well.


Want to find out more and/or make a donation? Visit If you are interested in making your donation specifically in support of Miriam, please add “in support of Miriam Cohen” in the notes section of the PayPal link on the website. Check out STANDHaitiProject on Facebook, and join us in wishing Miriam all the best in this worthwhile endeavor!

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