“Lightspeed”, Pediatric Therapeutics’ third 5K Running Group, meets its goal!

February, 2013

“The running group has been such a success. My son comes home happy and energetic!”

After ten weeks of training once weekly as a group and at home with parents, our most recent 5K Running Group, “Lightspeed” successfully completed a 5K in December. They trained hard and their efforts paid off. They finished smiling and proud “Lightspeed” is the third group of children who have trained to complete a 5K this past year under the guidance of Carrie Beiter and Miriam Cohen. For more information on the next running group, please email infor@pediatrictherapeutics.org or call 973-635-0202 ext 10. A new group will begin in February. Parents of children ages 6-12 are welcome to inquire.

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