Juicy in 2018!


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Did you know that freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices “flood your body with a river of goodness”, providing your body with a dense concentration of the nutrients it needs? Have you ever tried to get your kids to eat (or eat enough) of vegetables you know are good for them? If you’re interested in nutrition, and believe in the importance of eating vegetables and fruit, you must check out juicing-for-health.com. Here you’ll find basically all you need to get yourself started with making fresh juices, and a good deal of interesting information and recipes if you’re already an established juicer. Combine what juicing-for-health.com has to offer with advice, ideas and more recipes from all-about-juicing.com, and even more Jessica Fisher’s Best 100 Juices for Kids (Harvard Common Press, 2014), and you’ll be set! Even better, you’ll also be ready to have your kids help you and you’ll all experience a sensory and language-rich fine motor/sequential processing activity.

Two recipes to get you started:

a basic, simple, loved-by-kids juice,
Apple Berry Juice (15-20 ounces)
1 1/2 c. berries, mixed if preferred (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
2 medium apples
Use whatever berries you have on hand.
Add extra apples if you’re short on berries.
Remove hulls, if using strawberries.
Core apples (I like to remove skin, too).
Juice berries and apples according to juicing machine directions.
Whisk to combine.
Add water to taste if a milder juice is preferred.
(from Best 100 Juices for Kids)

a green juice believed to help with calming nerves, relaxing the body and falling asleep,
Green Sleep Juice (1 serving)
½ a bunch of watercress
8 ribs of celery
4-5 heads of Romaine lettuce (or a bunch of spinach)
2 green apples
1 lemon (peeled)
Put all of the above through your juicer.
(from juicing-for-health)

–Sheila Allen, MA, OT

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