Conversation Starters

Ever wonder how to coax a conversation from your child? Looking for ways to hear more than just a single word response? Good conversation starts with asking an interesting question. The “right” question will often encourage a thoughtful answer and different questions prompt different conversations. Children practice conversation in simple steps and they learn how the flow of information continues on the same topic.

Try using starter questions such as:
What did you do at school today? Then follow up with “Was recess indoors or outdoors? ” or ” Who did you play with?” We can also assist in getting a longer response by initiating the answer with saying “It was……” Or ” I saw……”

Where are we going? Assist with prompting “We’re going to……” and a follow up question such as “Why are we going there?” or “Who will we see there?”

This is a fun, appropriate and spontaneous way to teach conversational skills and it encourages our children to use different answers each time while staying on a specific topic. With older children, allow them to ask YOU the question. This teaches them to inquire about other people while encouraging the use of follow up questions after receiving an initial response.

Most of all, it supports and provides an incentive for facetime with our children. Enjoy bonding and conversing and interacting while building a new skill. Let’s start talking!


Written By: Anne Toolajian

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