Books For The Holidays

Books online viewed on an iPad, tablet or computer are a great resource for your child. Many are free, some are interactive and some classics have motions added to make them even more dynamic. You will have options to listen to the book read out loud by someone else, or you and your child can read it together. As you select your books look for ones that may include some of the following:

• highly interactive
• visually supportive of language- even a wordless picture book can work well to elicit language
• categorization
• sequencing
• interpretation of body language
• emotions
• an identifiable story line
• explains or describes something

Check out these storybook sources:
Epic Books:

Don’t miss out on talking about the book afterward. Here are some things to talk about: Ask age appropriate open-ended questions. See if they can identify the characters, setting, problem and solution. Let them describe what they thought the story or one of the pages was about. Talk about body language and emotions expressed in the book. Make faces together to match emotions in the book. Enjoy!

Written By: Maureen Harper

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