Zones of Regulation Group Helps Kids with Self-Control

Another successful “Zones of Regulation” group was run this past Spring by occupational therapists Missy Briody and Liz Duffy, OT!

The “Zones of Regulation” curriculum is designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. Children come together in a once weekly group to learn about four “zones” related to states of alertness. With this awareness, they develop the ability to recognize when they are in each zone and identify what they need to do to move to a different zone if desired. The zones are compared to traffic signs:

“Green” – good to Go
“Yellow” – Caution/slow down
“Red” – Stop
“Blue – Rest/recharge

Group members learn calming techniques, cognitive strategies, and sensory supports to regulate their behaviors and increase self-control and problem solving skills. Participants and their parents receive ongoing ideas for carryover so that daily life provides ample opportunity for practice!

Missy and Liz look forward to running an 8 week group this coming Fall. For more info, please contact either of them;

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