Deborah Cohen, Ed.M, LDTC

Deborah Huffman, Ed.M, LDTC

My name is Debbie Huffman and I currently practice as a learning disabilities teacher consultant (LDT/C) for a public school district. I have been working as an LDT/C at the primary and secondary level for seven years. Prior to that I was a special education teacher and taught in a variety of settings on the elementary level. I hold a Masters degree in special education along with a NJ Supervisor’s certificate. Additionally I have teaching licenses in both special and elementary education.

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with students, parents, teachers and therapists to build educational programs that capitalize on student strengths. I specialize in educational testing for children ages preschool through college level. The diagnostic process allows me to evaluate for learning disabilities, as well as to assess students learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. Based on information yielded from the assessment, I provide recommendations for teaching strategies and remediation.

I believe strongly in a collaborative approach and find that students have the most success when families, schools and outside professionals work together. I consider consultation to be an integral part of my role as a learning consultant and am dedicated to working with teams to create the most effective learning environment for children.