The Jumps of June


June is a month of jumps and the celebration of them, however high or far they take you, whether you’re the jumper or not. I’m referring to the jumps that bring us up or forward, that are eager responses to opportunity, and that enable us to clear the obstacles in our paths…jumps that begin on solid ground or with solid footing and move us by virtue of our own actions. These are the type of jumps that are voluntary, the type that bring about and have become synonymous with rising, soaring, and increasing. They’re both achievements and a means toward them. I love these kinds of jumps. I love them so much that I have a job that’s helping others be the jumpers, take their jumps, and land successfully, a job that’s focused on personal achievement.

a goal + effort + courage + skill –> achievement

Whoever you are and what you do for a living, goal-setting’s a must if you’re looking to achieve something. I sure which I was as good at consciously setting goals for myself as I am for my clients! True achievements of any size begin with a goal and derive from a combination of effort, courage and skills. There’s an art and skill to achieving, it takes awareness, creativity, practice, and, oftentimes, support along the way.

After years of supporting change in others, I, like many therapists, am very much aware of ongoing achievements that line up for a BIG one that comes along. In fact, I’m so aware of my clients’ and parents’ ongoing efforts, courageousness and skill development that when something really big comes along I’m not at all surprised, yet just about burst with delight for the kids who are recognized for their achievements and their families who are right along there with them. I’m referring to the newly awarded Eagle Scout who, when he was younger, had challenges tolerating his daily environments and doing things for himself. I’m thinking about the School Star Student who, in his earlier years lacked confidence and rarely interacted with others. And there’s that Eighth Grade Grad who just received numerous academic excellence and athletic awards when only a few years ago he hated school because of challenges with reading and writing and was upset and sad, somebody who, prior to that, had an exceptionally hard time staying still for everything (!) except building. Whoever said that good things come in three’s wasn’t kidding. This cluster is well beyond good!

With full honor of the intention, emotion and work that’s behind achievements of all sizes, I’m finding this June to be a time of jumping for joy for all the kids who landed a big one and all the others who are well on their way.

–Sheila Allen, MA, OT

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