Sheila Allen Asks Audience “What’s going on?” and Guides Experiences with Rhythm in Time

Pediatric Therapeutics Co-Director and Licensed Occupational Therapist Sheila Allen believes that rhythm awareness, timing and efficient listening are foundational for self-control, sensory-motor function, and interaction.  In addition to her work at Pediatric Therapeutics, she is also a creator and producer of inTime, the most recent music listening therapy developed by Advanced Brain Technologies of Ogden UT, and the first program of intentional sound/music to combine rhythm and sound frequency training as the basis for listening to stimulate and support change.

Sheila’s recent Rhythm Environments presentation encouraged participants to recognize and analyze the rhythmic components of everyday activities to gain a better understanding of the interrelatedness of our internal rhythms and the rhythms of our surroundings, and of the various “containers of time” in which we exist, in order to positively affect our behavior.

Rhythm environments, the temporal, or time, structures at the core of our lives,   influence our physiology, emotion, mood and action/interaction.  Rhythmic music, such as inTime, can be used to shape the external environment and affect the internal environment.  With increased neuroscience research supporting the relationship between rhythm and performance (including language and reading), use of rhythmic music as a natural and pleasing way to stimulate rhythmic physiology and function is becoming increasingly recognized as beneficial.

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