Pediatric Therapeutics Running Group run in Color Vibe 5K

12 weeks of training under the direction of therapists Miriam Cohen, PT, DPT, PCS and Carrie Beiter, OTR/L, culminated on June 27, 2015 when the Spring Pediatric Therapeutics Running Group, Graffiti Gazelles, ran the Morris Country Color Vibe 5K.

Running Group participants trained in weekly group work-outs and runs with recommended physical activities for parents to carry out at home. At the beginning of the 12 week training, group members were timed as they completed a variety of fitness activities; performance time was again measured at the end. Each group member showed marked improvement in endurance, sprinting time and core strength.

Miriam and Carrie, avid runners themselves, established the group three years ago to develop members’ fitness and endurance, while instilling a love of exercise and an interest in participation in physical activities, and building confidence and social skills. They proudly acknowledge this season’s runners who trained hard and were dedicated to completing the race.

Color Vibe 5K and months of training – a proud accomplishment for the Gazelles and their families!

Carrie and Miriam are planning an exercise group for the fall.  Watch for details and/or contact either of them (, if interested.

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