Pediatric Therapeutics Running Group Hit the Trail August 6

After 12 weeks of training this spring/summer, Pediatric Therapeutics’ Super Flash, and forty other running enthusiasts from Morris and surrounding counties, ran a 5K sponsored by NJ Trails on August 6. The race was part of an ongoing community summer series that NJ Trails has organized.

Joined by special grown-ups in the runners’ lives, as well as some siblings, Super Flash’s run was a family affair that extended well beyond the race itself!  For example, on the day after the race, one of the racers mothers enthusiastically emailed, “My son woke up asking when the next race is …he’s so excited. He can’t stop talking about it, rehashing the route and the big hill. He can’t even sit to eat this morning he’s bouncing everywhere. He wants to run every race in the world! There is a color run near the shore on 8/20.  I think we will sign him up. He’ll really get a kick out of that! Thank you for making this so fun for him!”   

Therapists Miriam Cohen, PT, DPT, PCS and Carrie Beiter,OTR/L, founders and leaders of the group and avid runners themselves, are exceptionally proud of each Super Flash runner. During the twelve week training, the group’s five members worked out together in a weekly group and completed recommended endurance and strength building activities at home with their parents and siblings. But, trail running was not a specific part of training and each runner was able to quickly adjust to terrain differences when faced with the trail on August 6.  Commendable!!

In addition to developing fitness and endurance, the group aims to instill a love of exercise and an interest in participation in physical activities, while building confidence and group social skills.

This race wraps up running for 2014.  Look for news regarding the running group schedule for 2015.

Way to go, Super Flash!  And many thanks to Miriam and Carrie!

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