New Session of Zones of Regulation to Begin in September

For children ages 7-10 who need help with regulating their actions and controlling their emotions will benefit from the Zones of Regulation Group scheduled for 8 Wednesday afternoons from 5-6pm beginning September 10th-October 29th at Pediatric Therapeutics.

Occupational Therapists Missy Briody and Liz Duffy bring their expertise with self-regulation challenges and their experience with the Zones of Regulation curriculum to the weekly group.  Zones of Regulation is a cognitive, behavioral approach developed by Leah Kuypers, OT to teach children how to self-regulate their sensory needs and their emotions and impulses in order to meet the demands of the environment and experience academic & social success.

The group meetings include activity and discussion, with regular home programming.  Participants will benefit most if they are verbal.  Contact either Missy ( or Liz ( to consider this group for your child.

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