2019 Health & Happiness

Health and happiness come up together a lot, particularly in wishes, and especially at the beginning of a new year.    Here’s why –

We’re healthiest when we’re happy, and we’re happiest when we’re healthy & engaging in our lives!

Happiness is good for our health;  for starters, it tends to lower heart rate and blood pressure, bolster the immune system, and reduce stress.  Health is important for happiness.  When we have a health issue that disrupts our daily function happiness diminishes.  In other words what helps us to be healthy also helps us to be happy, and what contributes to our happiness contributes to our good health.  With health and happiness we’re better able to do what we do.



A wish for a healthy 2019 is basically short for “Here’s wishing you plenty of restful sleep, daily physical activity, nourishing food, and pure, clean water throughout the year.” Click the links below for tips and info to make this wish come true for yourself and others.

SLEEP “New review highlights importance of good sleep routines for children”
MOVE “Top 10 Reasons Children Should Exercise”
EAT “Healthy Food for Kids: Easy Tips to Help Your Children and Teens Eat Healthier”
DRINK “Why Is Water Important? 16 Reasons to Drink Up”



Loving connections with those who are significant in our lives, listening to and making music, noticing nature, and having fun, are top (and even scientifically proven!) ways to bring about happiness in our lives. “Happy new year!” is a wish for the experiences that bring you joy and help you shine! Click the links below to learn more about the positive emotions related to these essential life experiences.

BOND “What is Secure Attachment and Bonding? Understanding the Different Ways of Bonding and Communicating with Your Infant or Child”
MUSIC “Music evokes powerful positive emotions through personal memories”
NATURE “To be happier, take a moment to notice the nature around you”
FUN “Three research-based ways to maximize the fun of leisure activities: You can’t schedule enjoyable events like you do work”


–Sheila Allen, MA, OT

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